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Welcome to Looking Within

Ready to embrace your authentic self and cultivate a life of purpose and fulfillment?

You know that feeling in your gut? The one that tells you there's something more out there for you?

Have you ever felt like you're carrying this amazing, unique essence within you? It's like having this cozy inner sanctuary filled with strength, wisdom, and creativity. Yeah, that's your inner compass nudging you toward your purpose.


But let's be real, sometimes life's noise can drown out that inner voice, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to really tap into your true calling.

You are not alone in this journey. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and purposeful living. We'll gently peel back the layers of doubt and uncertainty, illuminating the path to your authentic self and empowering you to embrace your unique gifts.

Imagine living each day with a sense of purpose, knowing that your actions resonate deeply with who you are. Picture waking up every morning excited about the day ahead, knowing that you're living a life that's true to your authentic nature.

That's the life I envision for you.

You have the potential to not only realise your life purpose but to thrive in it. Are you ready to take the first step towards transformation?

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Create the life you love

transformation life coach

Hi, I am Vera.

.. and I am a certified Life Purpose and Empowerment Life Coach.

I'm here to help you uncover the authentic you and create a life that aligns beautifully with your true self. 

My mission is clear: to be your trusted guide on this transformative journey. 


This is your time to shine, to embrace your unique values and strengths, discover your passions,  and live a life that’s authentically yours.

Is this you?
  • Are you seeking a sense of direction and purpose but are you unsure where to start or how to navigate your inner journey?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current life situation?
  • Are you at a crossroads in life, uncertain about the next steps that will lead you toward a more fulfilling future?
  • Do you feel stuck in a job that doesn't fulfill you? ​​​
  • Do you feel disconnected from your true self, unsure of what really motivates you? 
  • Are limiting beliefs, societal expectations, and inner doubts holding you back from embracing your full potential and living a life of purpose?
  • Are you seeking deeper meaning and a sense of direction in your life journey? 
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How can help you?

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Within you lies a treasure trove of untapped potential, waiting to be discovered. Navigating life's complexities can sometimes feel overwhelming, but I'm here to help.

I've honed my expertise in guiding women on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, we'll uncover your unique strengths, values, and passions, defining what truly matters to you.

This journey is tailored uniquely for you, honouring your individuality and embracing your authentic self. I've witnessed incredible transformations as women embrace their true selves, finding clarity, purpose, and joy in their lives.

It's time to rediscover and embrace the authentic you, and experience:

Career Fulfillment: Imagine waking up each day feeling excited about the work you do. When your career aligns with your purpose, it's like finding your groove—where your skills meet your passions.  This alignment brings a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, pushing your career in a direction that truly resonates with who you are. 

Personal Growth and Well-being: Finding your purpose isn't just about work; it's about finding yourself. It gives you clarity and direction, helping you prioritize what truly matters as you navigate this busy phase of life. You'll feel more grounded and in tune with your goals, which boosts your overall well-being and confidence in every decision you make. 

Joy and Fulfillment: Living with purpose means finding joy in the little things. Whether it’s spending quality time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies that light you up, or making a difference in your community, you’ll feel a deeper sense of happiness because everything you do aligns with your values and passions.


Impact and Contribution: Your purpose isn’t just about you—it’s about the impact you have on the world. When you live authentically, you inspire those around you. You become a role model for others trying to find their own way, and your actions create a ripple effect, sparking positive change and making a real difference where it matters most.

Continuous Growth and Development: Discovering your purpose opens doors to continuous growth. You'll find yourself eager to learn new things, take on challenges, and expand your skills. This mindset not only pushes your career forward but also makes your personal life richer, ensuring you’re always evolving and embracing new opportunities.

Let's uncover the unique gifts and passions that will shape your journey towards a future where every aspect of your life feels purposeful and fulfilling.  


Looking Within Programme: Discovering Your Authentic Path to Fulfilment

Are you ready to ignite the spark within and embark on a journey of self-discovery like no other? "Looking Within" is your personalized path to a brighter, more fulfilling life.

Through a gentle exploration of your passions, values, and unique nature, you'll gain clarity on your true calling and create a purposeful action plan that resonates deeply with your soul. This journey is about aligning your authentic self with your daily life, empowering you to live with intention, purpose and fulfillment. "Looking Within," is designed to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery, leading to the unveiling and alignment with your authentic life purpose.

This coaching package includes: 


Free 60-minute breakthrough session

- 10 Sessions x 75 minutes 
- Messa
ge support between sessions 

- Access to tools, exercises, resources and assessments.


Are you seeking a coaching experience tailored to your unique journey and aspirations? I'm thrilled to introduce custom coaching packages designed to meet your individual needs and goals.

These bespoke packages offer the flexibility and customization you desire, allowing us to focus on what truly matters to you. Whether you're looking for a flexible schedule, an intensive coaching experience, or specialized guidance on specific areas of your life, we can create a tailored package that aligns perfectly with your aspirations.

Let's explore the possibilities together and design a coaching journey that empowers you to thrive and flourish.


Personalized 1:1 Life Coaching Workshops

Are you looking to delve deeply into a specific area of your life, gain clarity, and unlock your full potential? I offer exclusive 1:1 workshops designed to cater to your unique needs and aspirations. 

These one-off sessions allow you to explore a specific topic of your choice while receiving individualized support and actionable steps. Some of the topics you can choose from include self-care, setting boundaries, exploring values, and discovering passions. Each workshop is crafted to address your particular needs and goals, ensuring that you walk away with practical tools and a clear action plan.

Here's how it works: We'll begin with a free 20-minute consultation to understand your needs and determine the focus of your workshop. Based on our consultation, I will design a bespoke session tailored specifically for you. During our 1-2 hour workshop, you will engage in a powerful, individualized session packed with insights and actionable strategies. 

Ready to take the next step in your personal journey? Contact me today to schedule your free initial consultation and start designing your personalized 1:1 workshop. 

My Tailored Approach

My coaching approach is cantered around empowering women  to discover their life purpose and create a path that aligns with their deepest values and passions. I believe that every woman has the potential to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life, and my mission is to guide you on this transformative journey.

life purpose  coach my approach

 - My Gift To You -

✨ Discover the Power of Coaching!✨ 

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Claim One Complimentary
60-min Clarity
Life Coaching Session

Are you ready to gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and take actionable steps towards a future that excites you? Do you want to finally experience the transformative power of life coaching?


I'm offering you a complimentary Clarity Coaching Session where we'll dive into creating your future vision and mapping out your path to success. 

In this empowering session, we'll focus on: 

Creating Your Future Vision: Let’s explore and visualize the life you truly desire, filled with joy, fulfillment, and success. Together, we'll craft a clear and inspiring vision for your future. 

Setting Meaningful Goals: We'll identify your top priorities and set achievable goals that align with your passions and values, helping you take concrete steps towards your dream life.


Action Steps for Your Journey: You’ll leave with a personalized action plan, complete with practical steps to start making progress towards your goals right away. 


No Strings Attached: I’m confident coaching can change lives, but I want you to see for yourself. This session is totally free, so you can test the waters and decide if coaching is right for you. And if you feel like we’re a great fit and want to continue, we can chat about options for ongoing sessions. No pressure, just possibilities.


Whether you’re feeling stuck in your career, seeking more fulfillment in your daily life, or just looking to get clear on your next steps, this session is designed to provide you with the clarity and direction you need. 


Ready to take the first step? Let’s cut through the confusion and find out if coaching is your game-changer.

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"Discovering the 'Looking Within' coaching programme has been life-changing. This program provided a personalized path to life with purpose, empowering me to find clarity, Live by my values, and create lasting wellbeing. This program has been the journey that illuminated my path to a brighter and more fulfilling life, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking transformative positive change."

Rena L.

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